Student Engagement during Closure

North Collins Central School District is constantly searching for ways to keep students acknowledged, engaged, and learning during the unprecedented closure of schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will use this page to highlight the outstanding connections we continue to make with our students and families. Also be sure to check our social media pages on Twitter and Facebook for more stories of student engagement!


Though we are not in school, Mrs. Finkley's Piano and Guitar students have been checking in at least once a week for a one-on-one lesson.  Each student was able to borrow a keyboard or a guitar from the school so they could continue learning their instrument.   

National Student Leadership Week was April 20-24, and Student Government started formulating ideas for next year. Daily questions were asked and members had until 7pm to give their answers/ideas. Each evening, a spinner determined who won a $5 gift card to Tim Hortons or Dairy Queen.  Our winners included Alexa Wentland, Cate McConnaughay, Kayla Dechow, Eric Bowman, Madison Kehr, Emily Berta and Karissa Spicola.

Music Theory students are still learning the basics of music as they check in twice a week. Over Google Meet, students are able to share their written and aural theory skills.  It's a bit more challenging, but they have been up to the challenge! Though Musically Yours can't sing together, they still like to spend Monday evenings together. Students and their Director connect with each other over chats and virtual games. Pia Froelich, our exchange student from Germany who unfortunately returned home earlier than planned due to the pandemic, even joined us one evening! She had to stay up until 1am in order to do so. 

While meeting with her 7th and 8th grade music classes and chatting with students over their chorus assignments, Mrs. Finkley noticed an additional need for students to connect, not just academically but to laugh and have fun together.  Starting the week of April 27, she is hosting a weekly meet when they can come together to play a game.  This results in laughter and smiles, something we all need during this time. 

When you have a great group of students for nine years, have traveled together, enjoyed making memories and all of a sudden aren't together anymore, what do you do?  Mrs. Finkley has had her chorus seniors since 4th grade music class and needed help learning Google Meet with her classes.  Who could she turn to for help in support with technology?  Her reliable chorus seniors!  What started as a learning session has evolved into Sunday Senior Chats.  Every topic is discussed from school to college plans to stopping what they are doing for a moment just to look at the beautiful sunset.  These seniors might be in a bit of uncertainty, but they know it's important to take time to notice the little things.



Debbie Asboth, Elementary School Teacher's Aide, has used this time to keep in contact with students she directly worked with by exchanging some good, old-fashioned letters! She sent them a letter first, with a self-addressed stamped envelope so they could return one to her. This has resulted in a few students with whom she is continually exchanging letters back and forth! Debbie looks forward to these "old fashioned" letters, notes and pictures at least as much as the students do, if not more!

Old fashioned letters


We have great participation and a wonderful group of students. We meet twice a week, and have office hours twice a week. All of my students complete their work with the support of me, our speech therapist, or our consultant teacher. Instead of completing assignments for typical classroom rewards, our class is completing assignments to raise money for the NC food pantry! Take a look at some of the pictures from their online sessions below.  


Since the beginning of school closures Mr. Fininzio and Mrs. Frascella have been running 15-20 minute Google Meet exercise classes at 12:30 each weekday. The students follow along on their screens in activities ranging from full-body workouts to our week of yoga. We have had up to 12 people at once and even parents have joined in on the fun! It has been a great way to check in on how our students are dealing with the current situation and to keep them physically engaged at the same time. If anyone is looking to join please contact Mr. Fininzio or Mrs. Frascella by email.


Mrs. Shean's classes have stayed busy by responding to assignments posted in Google Classroom. One of the most recent assignments was to recreate a famous work of art using only items found around the student's home. See below for some of the amazing works students were able to create; more pictures are available on our Facebook page as well. 

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