Capital Improvement Project
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On December 11, 2018, North Collins Central School District residents will have an opportunity to vote on a Capital Improvement Project Proposition that is designed to address District needs in the areas of building repairs, heating, instruction and safety. 

The plan was developed by following a long range plan that included the participation of professional architects, building administrators and staff.  The final project list was created by considering the current condition of items and what would happen if an item were not replaced in the proposition.  The result of the review included highest priority infrastructure items and a blended list of school building enhancements to support each school’s educational programs. 

The Proposed Capital Project uses New York State Building Aid. These State revenue sources are specifically earmarked for capital projects. The local share comes from the North Collins CSD Capital Reserve Fund, which is a fund designated for Capital Projects.  Using this fund keeps the local tax impact at 0%. 

Why do we need this proposed Capital Project?

Just as our homes age...repairs and upkeep are necessary.

This project is being designed to address 4 key areas:

1) Health/Safety/Welfare 

(Jr-Sr HS: §Secure Main Entry vestibule §Modify main offices)
Elementary: §Secure entry vestibule at Bus Loop Entrance §Add canopy at Bus Loop Entrance)

2) Facilities Infrastructure Improvements 

(Jr-Sr HS: §New Exterior Doors §New Energy Efficient Windows along East side of building §Add back-up water heater §Replace PTAC Units at end of useful life §Add Air Conditioning to Cafeteria §Address 2ndFloor ventilation issues)

(Elementary: §Replace original boilers §Air handling and ventilation upgrades §Add Air Conditioning to classrooms §Replace B&G water pumps §Replace air handlers to Kitchen and Cafeteria §Replace main electrical distribution panels §Relocate existing transformers out of building’s basement.)

3) Educational Space Improvements 

(Jr-Sr HS: §Auditorium – Renovate theatrical lighting, sound system and stage rigging, update overall aesthetic appearance §Consumer Science – Renovate classrooms

(Elementary: §Library/Media Center – Replace existing flooring §Classrooms– Renovate classroom storage cabinetry §Main Office- Replace existing flooring)

4) Site Improvements

(Jr-Sr HS: §Replace damaged sidewalks & curbs §Replace asphalt at Main Lot §Replace asphalt at Rear Lot w/ Expanded Parking §Replace asphalt at Side Lot §Replace asphalt at Bus Loop §Replace sanitary line

(Elementary: §Replace damaged sidewalks & curbs §Replace asphalt at Main Lot §Replace asphalt at Drop-Off Loop/Parking area §Improve drainage along soccer field §Replace water main to building §Bus Parking Area Expanded §Employee Parking Area Expanded Adjacent to Soccer Field)

How did we determine the extent of this Capital Project?

1. New York State requires school districts to do a 5-year Building Condition Survey. We completed our last survey in 2015.

2. The District met with the Administrators and Supervisors of each area across the district to identify a list of improvement items that they would like to see completed in their school buildings in this capital project.  The list was reviewed and discussed extensively at building level meetings, committee meetings, and board meetings.

How will we pay for the proposed Capital Project?

There will be a ZERO PERCENT tax levy increase to fund this proposed building project. The project will be 100% paid for using a combination of New York State Building Aid and District Reserves.

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was held on Tuesday, August 28, 2018 – 5:30 p.m. in the Jr.-Sr.  High School Auditorium

Topics for discussion were:  Project Criteria, Proposed Renovations and Financing, and Long-Term Planning

Please feel free to contact Mr. Taylor, Superintendent, at 337-0101; ext. 1301, or email, with any questions, comments or concerns.


Voting on the proposed Capital Improvement Project
by district residents will be Tuesday, December 11, 2018, from 12 noon until 9 p.m. in the Jr.-Sr. High School Gym.