Health Clinic

The goal of our the health clinic is to ensure the health and well being of your child(ren) at all times as it relates to their attendance in our schools. We have nurses on staff during the school day to ensure their health and safety. You may contact our nurses at any time with questions or concerns.


  • Elementary School, please contact:

 Ms. Bley, RN at 716 337-0166, ext. 2101 


  • High School, please contact:

 Ms. Senus, RN at 716 337-0101, ext. 1234 


Mandatory Physicals

NYS Dept. of Education requires physicals for NEW students, and ALL students entering Pre-K or K, 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th grades. A current physical is also required for all working paper applications, and may be required for students in CSE or CPSE.

In addition, we are required to utilize the NYS School Health Examination Form for ALL physicals.

Sports Physicals

Sports Physicals are required annually for all athletes and must be in place prior to the first practice of the season. You have the option to take your child to your own healthcare provider, however the state’s NYS School Health Examination Form MUST BE used and completed IN FULL. 

In addition to the NYS required health examination form, all athletics will require a NYS interval health history form to be completed by the parent within 30 days of the start of practice. This form is only required if the physical exam is greater than 30 days old. This form is included below in the document container.

Health Screenings

Various health screenings are required and performed by the school nurses during the school year.

If you would like to opt out of these screenings for your child, please notify your building school nurse in writing.

Medications in School

If your child will need medications during school hours, the appropriate forms must be completed and on file in the school health office by the beginning of the school year. If you have not received these forms, please print the forms below and submit to your child's physician.


Parents of 7th Graders:  Your child will NOT be able to enter 7th Grade without written proof of having received the Hepatitis B Vaccine, which is a series of 3 vaccines.  Please contact your health care provider TODAY and set up an appointment if your child has not already been vaccinated.

In addition, Dr. Gale R. Burstein, Erie County Commissioner of Health, has joined the CDC and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices in recommending vaccination against a potentially fatal disease, meningococcal disease, one of the causes of meningitis. Meningococcal disease strikes 1,000-2,000 Americans each year and claims about 300 lives. Between 400 and 500 meningitis cases occur each year in adolescents and young adults and as many as 70 students will die from the disease. Adolescents ages 16 through 21 years have the highest rates of meningococcal disease.

The CDC’s Advisory Committee now recommends giving the quadrivalent meningococcal conjugate vaccine at age 11 or 12 followed by a booster at age 16.  

This vaccine is now required for all high school students. Please feel free to have this discussion with your health care provider, or with Ms. Senus, High School Nurse at 337-0101, ext. 1234. You can also find more information by visiting the CDC's website  or New York Department of Health website

BMI School Survey

As part of a required school health examination, a student is weighed and his/her height is measured. These numbers are used to figure out the student’s body mass index or ‘BMI’. The BMI helps the doctor or nurse know if the student’s weight is in a healthy range or is too high or too low. Recent changes to the New York State Education Law require that BMI and weight status group be included as part of the student’s school health examination. 

Our district has been selected to take part in a survey by the New York State Department of Health. We will be reporting to New York State Department of Health information about our students’ weight status groups. The information sent to the New York State Department of Health will help health officials develop programs that make it easier for children to be healthier. Only summary information is sent. No names and no information about individual students are sent. However, you may choose to have your child’s information excluded from this survey report.

If you do not wish to have your child’s weight status group information included as part of the Health Department’s survey this year, please print the BMI Survey Form below return it by January 1st to your child's respective school.

Vaping Prevention Resources

Interested in viewing vaping educational resources for specific age groups? Consider taking a look at the Tobacco Education Resource site for ways to talk to your student about the health risks associated with vaping.