Technology Plan and Committee

NCSD Technology Committee

The NCSD Technology Committee consists of members from all aspects of our students’ educational journeys, including parents. We meet several times during the year to shape our districts technological vision and promote a positive and safe learning environment. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Mr. Scott Kaplan


Brian Zolnowski, Co-Chairperson - Director of Technology and Communication Services
Scott Kaplan, Co-Chairperson - K-12 Technology Integrator
Scott Taylor, Superintendent
Kerry Buell, ES Principal

Brandon Wojcik, JSHS Principal

Deb Gronachan, ES Computer Teacher

Chris Luther, JSHS Library Media Specialist

John Hider, JSHS Science Teacher
Tammy Wolf, ES Kindergarten Teacher
Karla Eder, ES Teacher (Pre-K)

Laurie Annarino, JSHS Business Teacher
Kevin Manchester, JSHS Industrial Arts Teacher
Darlene Stefan, Parent Member
Jessica Horton, Board of Education Member


Please see both the NYSED and District approved technology plans below in the document container.