Approved Software and Vendor Agreements

North Collins CSD Data Privacy and Security: Ed-Law 2D

This table below outlines the district approved software programs and vendors that collect personally identifiable information (PII). Supporting documentation is linked including the bill of rights and supplemental information as required under NYS Education Law Section 2D.

This list is a live document and is subject to change as products are added or removed.

Approved Software and Vendor Agreements
 Product Contract
Privacy Policy
Amplify Education  District  07/01/2023  Here  Here
Boddle Learning  District  11/01/2024  Here  Here
Boom Learning (WNYRIC RFP)  WNYRIC  06/30/2024  Here  Here
Brain Pop / Brain Pop Jr.  WNYRIC  Here  Here  Here
Buncee  WNYRIC  Here  Here  Here
Canva  District  06/01/2025  Here  Here
Castle Learning  E2CCB  Here  Here  Here
Classcraft (WNYRIC RFP)  WNYRIC  06/30/2024  Here  Here (WNYRIC RFP)  WNYRIC  06/30/2024  Here  Here
CommonLit  District  07/01/2023  Here  Here
Communication Apptitude (InferCabulary)  District  05/10/2024  Here  Here
Desmos Math tools (WNYRIC RFP)  WNYRIC  06/30/2024  Here  Here
Digital Teaching Tools - (WNYRIC RFP)  WNYRIC  06/30/2024  Here  Here
EdPuzzle  District  06/30/2023  Here  Here
Explore Learning (Reflex Math)  WNYRIC  Here  Here  Here
Everfi (WNYRIC RFP)  WNYRIC  06/30/2024  Here  Here
Finance Manager/nVision  WNYRIC  Here  Here  Here
FlipGrid- Microsoft  District  Ongoing  Here  Here
Frontline Absence & Substitute Management (AESOP)  WNYRIC  Here   Here  Here
Frontline IEP - Direct  WNYRIC  Here  Here   Here
Frontline Medicaid - Direct  WNYRIC  Here  Here  Here
Frontline RTI - Direct  WNYRIC  Here  Here  Here
Gimkit  District  03/01/2023  Here  Here
GoGuardian  District  Here  Here  Here
Google  WNYRIC  06/30/2023  Here  Here
Grace Notes - Sight Reading Factory (WNYRIC RFP)  WNYRIC  06/30/2024  Here  Here
iboss  WNYRIC  Here  Here  Here
ImPACT (Baseline Concussion Testing)  District  06/30/2024  Here  Here
IXL  District  07/01/2023  Here  Here
Kahoot! *Students 13 and up  District  01/01/2024  Here  Here
Lightspeed Systems  WNYRIC  Here  Here  Here
Maia Learning  WNYRIC  Here  Here  Here
Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES)  WNYRIC  Here  Here  Here
Microsoft (Minecraft)  WNYRIC  Here  Here  Here
Nearpod (WNYRIC RFP)  WNYRIC  06/30/2024  Here  Here
Notable (Kami)  WNYRIC  Here  Here  Here
Panorama  E2CCB  Here  Here  Here
Pixton Comics (WNYRIC RFP)  WNYRIC  06/30/2024  Here   Here
PowerSchool  WNYRIC  Here  Here  Here
Really Great Reading  District  04/01/2024  Here  Here
Remind: School Communication  District  07/01/2024  Here  Here
Renaissance Learning  WNYRIC  Here  Here  Here
SchoolMessenger  WNYRIC  Here  Here  Here
SNAP (Health Center)  WNYRIC  Here  Here  Here
Sphero  District  10/20/2023  Here  Here
Study Island  E2CCB  Here  Here   Here
Sutori  District  01/01/2025  Here  Here
Wakelet (WNYRIC RFP)  WNYRIC  06/30/2024  Here  Here
WebSMARTT  WNYRIC  Here  Here  Here
WeVideo  District  06/30/2024  Here  Here
Xello  District  07/01/2025  Here  Here
Zaner-Bloser  District  12/01/2023  Here  Here
Zoom  E2CCB  Here  Here  Here

Approved Software that Does/Should NOT Collect PII
  Product  Collects Student PII  Additional Information  Vendor Privacy Policy
 Bookflix  No    
 Kahoot! *Students 12 and under  No*  *Here  Here
 Symbaloo  No    

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